Garden Design Service

The benefits of a great design are;
  • Visual appeal and incorporating functionality. (Obtaining balance and harmony)
  • Utilising available space wisely
  • Optimising the total value of your property
  • Correct plant placement for individual situations therefore avoiding costly plant failure.
  • Enhancing lifestyles, ensuring a pleasant ambience to be surrounded by.
  • Placing you the owner back in control by providing you with plantings to suit specific circumstances, ie. low maintanence, free flowing , or floral material for arranging etc.
Garden Angel Design Service provides;
  • Plans for residential, rural or commercial properties.
  • Plant sourcing and purchase.
  • Plant placement and planting.
  • Design implementation / project management. 

Consultation Service

  • This service offers comprehensive advice, ideas on design aspects and appropriate plant material.
It is ideal to use for an existing garden which may need an overall revamp or just some help in specific areas. Other gardens may require a tweak here and there to obtain the desired result.

If you are beginning with a new garden or a total blank canvas this walk-through service will lay a solid foundation towards achieving your individual needs.

Notes and a plant list written on-site as we walk together through each area that requires attention, this leaves you with some practical information for future reference.

This friendly and expert advice service is readily available throughout the year as I am willing to travel to rural properties as well as residential locations in town.

Garden Maintanence

Do you wish for a heavenly garden?

My extensive knowledge of plants combined with understanding of their growth habits and growing conditions allows me to nurture your garden through the seasons.

Practical skills offered:
  • Topiary trimming and shaping.
  • Rose pruning, spraying and selection.
  • Fertilising and weeding.
  • Planting and potting up. 
  • Clean, sharp, sanitised equipment and tools used.
With my attention to detail your property is in divine care.